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Smart Expansion Tanks

NLA Wess GuardWessels type NLA-WG Smart Tanks are ASME removable bladder type pre-charged expansion tanks with WessGuard® bladder monitor.  They are designed to absorb the expansion forces and control the pressure in heating/cooling systems.

The system’s expanded water (fully compatible with water/glycol mixtures) is contained in a heavy-duty bladder preventing tank corrosion and waterlogging problems.  If the bladder extends beyond the normal movement, WessGuard® monitor will activate an audible and LED alarm to notify maintenance staff of a potential system issue.  In the case of compromised bladder integrity, water level will rise to activate the alarm.

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NLA-WG Smart Tanks:

  • ASME certified
  • Heavy-duty replaceable bladder
  • WessGuard® bladder monitor

ASME StampNLA 35-800L-WG
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ASME StampNLA 1000-15000-WG
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