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Centrifugal Solids Separator

Wessels CFS series Centrifugal Solids Separators are designed for in-line or slip-stream low flow filtration of entrained solids from a liquid system. This filterless separator achieves the removal of 50 micron and larger solids through centrifugal force and friction. Fluid enters the separator at a tangent and creates a vortex within the unit. The increase in the fluid’s centrifugal velocity as the fluid enters the body of the unit separates the more dense solids from the liquid. Separated solids fall to the lower collection chamber while exiting fluid is drawn from the center of the vortex back into the system or fluid stream. Removal of debris in your system can increase system efficiencies, extend the life of system components, and lower operational costs.

CFS Series Centrifugal Solids Separators include: