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Epoxy Lined Storage Tanks

Epoxy-lined storage tanks are epoxy lined carbon steel vessels. They are designed for commercial and industrial systems that require internal protection more robust than traditional fabricated plain steel designs. The tanks are designed to store water for a potable water or water heating system.

ASME StampEA Epoxy Lined Storage Tanks

EA Series epoxy lined storage tanks are:

  • ASME certified
  • Offered in sizes ranging from 140 to 535 gallons
  • Working pressures of 150 PSIG up to 180°F.

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ASME StampEP-FXA Epoxy Lined Storage Tanks

EP-FXA Series epoxy lined bladder tanks are:

  • ASME certified
  • Factory pre-charged to 30 PSI and field adjustable
  • Tanks can be installed in the horizontal position with the system connection located below the tank horizontal centerline.


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