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Wessels Company offers two types of filtration vessels: cartridge and bag.

Filtration vessels enable the physical or mechanical process of separating insoluble particulate matter from a fluid by passing through a filter medium that will not let the particulates through. Bag or cartridge filter style carbon steel and stainless steel pressure vessels are available in ASME and non-ASME. Wessels manufactures filtration products that are built in accordance with the ASME code.

Wessels also offers several filter elements: cartridge, bag, and magnetic, which capture particulate made of various materials. Some filter mediums can be used in conjunction to filter out the largest amount of particulate to give your system the most amount of coverage.

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Cartridge Filter Vessels

The WesFlo® cartridge filter series include single  and multi-cartridge filter housings, high pressure, and high flow vessel designs for a broad range of liquid and gas applications.

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Bag Filter Vessels

The WesFlo® bag filter series is designed to handle flow rates of up to 1,120 gpm. The bag and strainer filter vessels provide excellent filtration in both industrial and chemical applications.

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