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Glass-Lined Storage Tanks

ASME StampWessels engineers have created special epitaxial glass crystal, up to 1,000 gallons, combining alkaline borosilicate and cobalt ferrite, resulting in a long-lasting glass coating, fused to the steel tank wall at 1600°. This Wesglas® represents industry’s leading means of protecting vessel walls against corrosion.

Wessels storage water tanks are ASME Section IV certified and engineered and manufactured to fit all industry requirements. The vessels manufactured are in stock for immediate shipment. These include standard epitaxial glass-lined storage tank models up 500 gallons and epoxy-lined tanks. Wessels is the leading manufacture in tube bundle-style, heat exchanger type storage tanks for use in hydronic systems. Wessels also manufactures custom storage tanks in diameters from 12 inches to 120 inches, and lengths to 40 feet, with capacities to 25,000 gallons.

You can depend on Wessels glass-lined storage tanks. They are designed for optimum energy efficiency, durability and long lasting performance. The fired-on glass-lining makes this tank impervious to corrosion that continually attacks storage tanks.

WesGlas® Features

ASME StampGlass Lined Storage Tanks

WesGlas® ASME Glass-lined storage tanks are preferred for storage of hot or cold potable water. WesGlas® lining provides a durable interior surface to withstand the wearing effects of high volume and high temperature water. Designed for use in temperature up to 180°F.

GA200-GA1500M Glass-Lined Series

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Insulated and Jacketed Glass-Lined Storage Tanks

Designed for hot or cold potable water up to 180°, each unit is wrapped with 2 inch high density insulation to minimize heat loss, give extra jacket rigidity ant ASHRAE 90 lb. – 1992. The steel jacket is finished in baked enamel to lengthen the life of the tank, including a special anti-corrosion coating on inner and outer services.

GN120VJ-GA1000VJ Glass-Lined Series

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