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Wessels Company’s patented WessGuard® bladder monitor is a smart tank add-on that provides essential protection by alerting you early before you have a maintenance issue with your expansion tank.

Expansion tanks are designed to absorb the expansion forces and control the pressure in HVAC, domestic hot water, and well and pressure booster systems. The system’s expanded water (fully compatible with water/glycol mixtures) is contained in a heavy-duty bladder preventing tank corrosion and waterlogging problems.  If the bladder extends beyond the normal movement, the WessGuard® monitor will activate an audible and LED alarm to notify maintenance staff of a potential system issue. The WessGuard® also features a dry set of contacts, making it fully Energy Management System (EMS) compatible. US Patent # 8,633,825 B2

Wessels Company’s patented WessGuard® bladder monitor is available for your expansion tank today.

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* Installation now adjacent to bracket