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What is BIM? | Building Information Modeling

Browse and download from our available catalog of 3D building information models (BIM) in CAD .SAT and .STEP file formats. You can also find BIM on certain product pages. Just keep an eye out for the download button.

Importing into Revit: import file into a Family, name the Family, and Load into your Project.

Make sure Imported Categories are on and “imports in families” is checked in Visibility/Graphics setting of your view.

Something missing? Request a file by emailing [email protected]

GMP Glycol Makeup Packages

NLA HVAC Expansion Bladder Tanks

TXA Thermal Expansion Bladder Tanks

FXA Hydropneumatic Expansion Bladder Tanks

WVA WessVent Air and Dirt Separators

SPA Tangential / Vortex Air Separators

CBT Chilled Water Buffer Tanks

HBT Hot Water Buffer Tanks

NTA HVAC Expansion Diaphragm Tanks

TTA Thermal Expansion Diaphragm Tanks

FXT Hydropneumatic Expansion Diaphragm Tanks