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Replaceable Bladder Tanks

This list includes hydropneumatic, expansion, and thermal expansion tanks.

ASME Tanks

Wessels manufactures expansion tank products built in accordance with the ASME boiler and pressure vessel code.

Expansion Bladder Tanks

NLA Series (ASME)

The NLA are the industries broadest line of bladder style tanks. NLA Expansion Bladder Tanks:

NLA 35-800L

NLA 1000-15000

NLAP Series (ASME)

NLAP Expansion Bladder Tanks:

NLAP Submittal


Thermal Expansion Tanks

TXA Series (ASME)

The TXA bladder style tanks boast many advantages over other style thermal expansion tanks.

TXA Submittal


Hydropneumatic Bladder Tanks

FXA Tanks (ASME)

The FXA’s are industries broadest line of bladder style tanks.The FXA Series hydropneumatic tanks:

FXA 35-800L

FXA 700

FXA 1000-15000

Stainless Steel Model SSFXA


Non-ASME Tanks

NL Series (Non-ASME)

NL Expansion Bladder Tanks:

NL Submittal

TX Series (Non-ASME)

The TX Series tanks are designed for use in low pressure residential systems and in light commercial systems where ASME construction is not required.

TX Submittal

FX Tanks (Non-ASME)

The FX Series Hydropneumatic Tanks:

FX Submittal