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Buffer Tanks

Wessels Buffer Tank BrochureWessels Company manufactures two styles of buffer tanks: Chilled water Buffer Tanks (CBT) and Hot water Buffer Tanks (HBT).

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Cbt bufferCBT (ASME)

Chilled water Buffer Tanks (CBT) are designed for chilled water systems with insufficient water volume capacity, in relation to the chiller capacity. Relatively low water volume systems require additional “buffer” capacity for the system to eliminate problems such as excessive chiller cycling, poor temperature control , and erratic system operation. The properly sized CBT adds the necessary volume to “buffer” the system volume.

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Hbt bufferHBT (ASME)

Wessels ASME Hot water Buffer Tanks (HBT) are designed for use with today’s high efficiency systems that incorporate small, modular low-mass boilers. A properly sized Wessels Hot Water Buffer Tank adds necessary thermal mass to the system to dampen fast transitions and minimize boiler cycling that occurs during zero or low domestic load conditions.

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