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Typhoon Filtration System

TyphoonThe Typhoon filtration system is engineered to remove solids from liquids. It offers revolutionary filter performance due to an innovative design that uses flow-diverging technology to separate dense solids before filter contact. These solids accumulate outside of the filters within the unit where they can be easily blown down and removed. System water then passes through the patented, multi-path, Typhoon filter where specially designed, ultra-efficient pleat cartridges filter the water even further. These two technologies combine to create a system that provides increased dirt holding capacity, longer filter life, and decreased maintenance expenses.  Wessels manufactures filtration products built in accordance with the ASME code.

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ASME Stamp

TFA Series (ASME)

The TFA Series Hydropneumatic Tanks are:

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TFS Series (Non-ASME)Non asme

The TFS Series Hydropneumatic Tanks are:

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