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Employee Spotlight

We happily introduce the newest smiling face to the Wessels family, Allyson McQueen! She joined our engineering department at the beginning of November as a Process Engineer. She loves learning new things, which will surely benefit her in her new role on our engineering team. Allyson is an avid sports fan and has many teams […]

🛒 Big E-Shop Update: Order Status Tracking and More

Wessels Company’s e-shop ordering platform has gone live with its biggest update yet! Thanks to input from over 460 unique users from around the world, we’re excited to announce these new, highly requested features. Order Status and Custom PO Numbers Now you can view your Wessels order number, your custom-entered purchase order number, order […]

How To: Troubleshoot the WessView Bladder Integrity Monitor

The WessViewTM bladder integrity monitor from Wessels Company is a quick, at-a-glance indicator letting you know if water has breached your tank’s internal bladder or diaphragm. The design uses a desiccant that sits on top of a red disk. If the desiccant touches water and dissolves, the bright red disk will start to show. If […]

How To: Check and Repair Leaks at the Bottom System Connection of an Expansion Tank

Expansion tanks sometimes develop air, liquid, or weeping water leaks at the bottom system connection (BSC). The BSC is a bulkhead fitting the goes through the tank bladder and compresses the bladder to the bottom tank head with the tightening of a jam or lock nut. The locknut is the sealing force between the tank […]

Remembering Douglas Fritts

On behalf of Wessels Company, we regret to announce the sudden passing of our friend and colleague Douglas H. Fritts. Our deepest condolences and sympathy go out to his family and to everyone who had the opportunity to know and work with Doug. As a design engineer and draftsman, he helped shape our core products […]

How To: Punch an Expansion Tank Bladder Hole

Wessels Company offers replacement bladders for our line of removable bladder expansion tanks. The butyl bladders come with a standard hole in the bottom of the bladder, but sometimes a larger-sized hole is recommended for optimal installation. Wessels manually punches bladder holes to the correct size. However, if a bladder you receive needs modification, you […]

Pricing Correction for 2023 List Price Book

March 2023 Wessels Company 101 Tank Street Greenwood, IN 46143 Subject: PRICING CORRECTION Dear Customer, In the January 2023 print version of Wessels Company’s List Price Book, an error incorrectly listed the prices of the FX100V and FX200V. The correct pricing should be: FX100V: $1,006.00 FX200V: $1,555.00 We apologize for any inconvenience. For the most […]

Wessels Condensate Neutralizer

Wessels Condensate Neutralizers (WCN) neutralize condensate issued by modulating condensing gas heating devices. A rigid pipe links the heating device to the WCN unit to treat the condensate. The media in the unit neutralizes the condensate pH to make it safe for building components and the environment. WCN units can contain up to three media […]