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Wessels COVID-19 Resources


The purpose of HVAC systems is to provide and maintain environmental conditions, including proper airflow, heating, and cooling within a certain area or the entire hospital. Installation of HVAC is one of the most important factors by which the architect can combat infection, and at the same time create environmental comfort. – Dr. T.V. Rao, MD

As a leading supplier of critical drinking water, filtration, and HVAC equipment, Wessels Company has been designated an Essential Business in the COVID-19 epidemic.

Critical Product Resources

Filtration Vessels bag and cartridge style for drinking water, chemical, and medical applications.

Heat Exchangers for HVAC, heating and cooling towers, hospitals, and laboratories.

Full Flow Expansion Tanks specified by medical centers to stop the spread of infectious bacteria.

Air and Dirt Separators for HVAC, plumbing, and critical infrastructure.

Smart Monitor Bladder Tanks for HVAC, drinking water, and Energy Management Systems.


COVID-19 Resources

CDC Decision Tree – Workplace decision tree for opening safely

Wessels Designated Essential Business – Full Statement

Case Study – How Wessels Heat Exchangers Keep Diagnostics Labs Functioning During COVID-19

ASPE Guidance – American Society of Plumbing Engineers resource page

CDC Guidelines – Interim Guidance for Businesses and Employers

OSHA Guidance – Preparing Workplaces for COVID-19

Indiana’s COVID-19 Response – Indiana’s official resource page for the novel coronavirus