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Smart Hydropneumatic

Wessels type FXA-WG Smart Tanks are ASME removable bladder type pre-charge hydropneumatic tanks with WessGuard® bladder monitor.  FXA tanks are commercial and industrial well and water systems, booster systems, or other potable water applications.  They are designed to deliver water under pressure between pump cycles to provide sufficient flow to meet demands.

The water is contained in a NSF Listed Butyl bladder.  If the bladder extends beyond the normal movement, WessGuard® monitor will activate an audible and LED alarm to notify maintenance staff of a potential system issue.  In the case of compromised bladder integrity, water level will rise to activate the alarm.

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ASME StampFXA-WG Smart Tanks (ASME):

FXA 35-800L-WG

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FXA 700-WG

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FXA 1000-15000-WG

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