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Smart Thermal Expansion Tanks

Txa wg smartWessels Type TXA-WG Smart Tanks are ASME removable bladder type pre-charged thermal expansion tanks with WessGuard® bladder monitor.  TXA’s are designed to be installed between a backflow preventor and a hot water heater to accept the expanded volume of hot water keeping the system pressures below relief valve settings.

The water is contained in an NSF-listed heavy-duty bladder to prevent tank corrosion and waterlogging problems.  If the bladder extends beyond the normal movement, the WessGuard monitor will activate an audible LED alarm to notify maintenance staff of a potential system issue.  In the case of compromised bladder integrity, water level will rise to activate the alarm.

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ASME StampTXA-WG Smart Tanks:

  • ASME certified
  • Heavy-duty replaceable bladder
  • WessGuard bladder monitor

TXA-WG 35-2000
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