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Upgrades Coming to Fixed-Diaphragm Tanks

Wessels Company is proud to announce the popular WessView Bladder Integrity Monitor and integrated pressure gauge are coming to the NTA, TTA, and FXT lines of fixed-diaphragm tanks.

By mid-September, Wessels will roll out these much-requested upgrades as standard features for our fixed-diaphragm HVAC expansion tanks, domestic hot water tanks, and well water and pressure booster tanks.

The WessView is an innovative bladder integrity monitor that alerts you to moisture outside the fixed-diaphragm inside the tank. In addition, a handy pressure gauge provides a quick and easy way to check the pressure of the air cushion surrounding the diaphragm.

These upgrades have been standard on Wessels Company’s on removable bladder tanks for over a year now and the reviews are in: our customers love it!

The new submittals are available on our website now: NTA, TTA, FXT

Updates to other literature are in development. Download the new NTA Brochure below.


NTA Brochure