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TXA-FF Full-Flow Expansion Tank

Today’s expansion tanks need to be smarter and safer. Wessels Company has a rich history of developing smart-guards for preventative maintenance, such as WessGuard® and WessView®. In the evolution of the tank, safeguards are necessary to protect against known conditions that can potentially lead to biological dangers.

Water storage expansion tanks have been established as a place where microorganisms can flourish. Bacteria colonies only need the right conditions, including nutrients, temperature, and contact time, to establish growth. Many tank designs incorporate a diffuser that promotes mixing. Unfortunately, this only occurs when water is flowing and there is no guaranty that the water leaves the tank. Wessels Company has designed a vessel that attacks and protects by disrupting this stagnant environment. The design is simple; create a true flow through configuration. Wessels manufactures expansion tank products built in accordance with the ASME boiler and pressure vessel code.

Wessels Full-Flow Bladder Tanks feature:

  • Butyl bladder material
    does not support nutrients found on natural rubber
  • Water circulation through the tank
    every cycle or constant flow
  • Elevated temperatures in thermal applications
    every thermal cycle or forced with constant flow