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How To: E-Shop Tutorial

Requesting quotes, checking prices, placing orders, viewing product literature, and downloading 3D models have never been easier thanks to the new E-shop.

Don’t have an account? That’s ok! Anyone can use the site to build an order and request a quotation from our customer service or network of sales representatives. Navigating the website is simple. Either click the left side menu or scroll down the frontpage to navigate by product category or, if you know the product you’re looking for, type it in the top search bar.

If you search by category, you’ll be brought to a page with product tables. From here, you can get a quick glance at product information or filter by sub-categories like “ASME” or “High Velocity”. You can click an individual model name to get more information about that product or click “Add to Quote” to add it to your quote request. If you are logged in, you will be able to see your pricing and an “Add to Cart” link instead.

If you click a model name, you will open that specific product’s page. If you are logged in, you will see your net price under the model name in blue. If you are the Wessels Vessels Rep admin login for your account, you will find both the list price and your special net price on this page.

Further down, you will find an “Add to Quote” or “Add to Cart” button depending on whether you are logged in. Under the data table, you will find downloadable links to relevant product literature and CAD models.

Click the cart icon on the top right of the website when you’re ready to submit your quote request or online order. Click proceed and enter your contact information. If you’re logged in and placing an order, you can select a Ship To address. You can also enter optional order notes and a required Purchase Order (PO) number. Click “submit” for quotation or “place order” to send a copy of your order to yourself, Wessels Customer Service, your account admin, and your account purchasing agent. Someone from Wessels will reach out to you shortly with either an order acknowledgement or quotation. And that’s it!

The E-Shop makes finding prices and placing orders with Wessels Company easier and faster than ever. To inquire about eligibility for a login pricing or admin account, please email [email protected]