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Introducing WessView 2 (Coming Soon)


Introducing the New WessView2

The popular diaphragm Smart Tank Monitor receives an impressive tech upgrade

Just a little over a year after its popular introduction, the Smart Tank diaphragm integrity monitor WessView will soon be receiving several exciting new technical upgrades.

WessView2 will continue to include a visual bladder integrity indicator, but now it also alerts the operator of an overfilled bladder due to incorrect pre-charge by testing the sensor for continuity using a multi-meter.

WssView2 also includes an optional, multi-functional Electronic Control Module which mounts on top of the sensor. This module features an LED indicator that alerts the user whenever there is a tank integrity issue. This could mean a ruptured bladder or an overfilled tank due to incorrect pre-charge.

In addition, the module’s dry set of contacts allows the tank to be tied into an Energy Management System (EMS) to remotely notify maintenance staff of a potentially costly system condition.

We’re proud to continue to lead the industry in Smart Tank technology by announcing WessView2 as a Wessels Company exclusive.