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New Glycol Make-up Package (GMP) Brochure

Wessels Glycol Makeup Packages (GMP) function by automatically supplying pressurized water or water/glycol mixture to a closed-loop space heating, chilled water, snowmelt, radiant heating, or process control system. The package is designed to ensure that critical minimum system pressure levels are maintained. GMP’s also prevent major floods in the event of system rupture, eliminate the need for a back-flow prevention system, protect the system from freezing by utilizing a predetermined solution, maintain pressure within the system, and are EPA compliant.

We’ve recently made improvements to our GMP design, so we’ve completely redesigned and updated our product brochure. To see the changes and to learn more about the uses and benefits of Glycol Make-up Packages, be sure to check out our brand new Glycol Make-up Package (GMP) Brochure.