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Wessels Smart Expansion Tanks with WessGuard Protection

Wessels Smart Tank Series tanks are ASME removable bladder tanks equipped with the WessGuard® bladder monitoring system. WessGuard® acts to protect the critical components of the mechanical system by using a nonintrusive capacitive sensor to monitor the effectiveness of the system’s bladder tank.

If the bladder extends beyond normal movement, WessGuard® will activate an audible alarm and LED light to notify maintenance personnel of a potential system issue. In the case of compromised bladder integrity, water level will rise and activate the alarm. WessGuard® is the industry’s first and only sentry for critical mechanical system protection.

Wessels Smart Tank Series with WessGuard® bladder monitor can also be integrated with Energy Management Systems (EMS) for remote monitoring and complete system integration.

Learn more about Wessels Smart Tank Series with WessGuard Protection by checking out the brochure and watching the video about how it works.

Learn more about Wessels Smart Tank Series with WessGuard Protection.