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Press Release: New All-in-One Multi-Purpose Tank Series


February 2023
Contact: Rebecca Bennett- Marketing Coordinator
[email protected]
For Immediate Release

Wessels Announces New All-in-One Multi-Purpose Tank Series


GREENWOOD, IND. – Wessels Company has brought to market the new WMT Series multi-purpose tank. This all-in-one tank can be used as a primary/secondary hydraulic separator, air and dirt eliminator, and buffer storage for either hot or chilled water systems.

The innovative design incorporates a buffer volume that slows fluid velocity resulting in superior air elimination. Air and dirt elimination efficiency are also greatly increased with the introduction of the highly customizable WesPro Super Filter Baffle System, a patented coalescing media available in eight different internal configurations.

Inlet and outlet ports can be manufactured anywhere between 90° and 180° apart, depending on need, with flanged, NPT, or grooved connections available. Wessels has upped the ante by also offering several optional upgrades. Along with new spray-on insulation, jacketed WesFoam insulation, or air vent trim package, the WMT differentiates itself from other multi-purpose tanks by being compatible with the Wessels WesMag magnetic filtration system. With WesMag, ferrous particulate can be caught and removed, increasing the life of system components.

A new brochure and easy-to-use all-in-one submittal for the new WMT can be found online.

For more information, pricing, and availability, call 317-888-9800 or visit the WMT product page. Coming to soon.