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Mural Brings Fresh Life to Wessels Company headquarters

September 2020

Contact: Rebecca Bennett- Marketing Coordinator
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Mural Brings Fresh Life to Wessels Headquarters

GREENWOOD, IND. — Wessels Company has announced that the large-scale, outdoor mural at their headquarters in Greenwood, Indiana is complete. It took just over a week for the sketching and painting to be completed on the 100-foot by 20-foot wall.

The mural depicts the company’s logo as well as its products, like air and dirt separators and expansion tanks, which are manufactured at the factory. From concept to final design, some changes were made in collaboration between Wessels Company and local artist Macey Dickerson.

“When [Wessels] initially sent me reference photos to incorporate into the mural design, the expanded view of the heat exchanger really caught my eye,” Dickerson said. “It was such a cool diagram and I knew I wanted that the be a prominent feature. I really like how that part looks.”

She added, “Painting the Wessels logo was also really fun. I like how the curviness of the font contrasts nicely with the rest of the mural, which is more geometric.”


Dickerson was assisted in painting by her brother, Garrett Dickerson and her friend, Nick Service. “I enjoyed the process of working with my brother and friend who helped me bring the design to life,” Dickerson said. “I usually do projects solo, so it was fun working in a team and sharing the experience. I also enjoyed getting to meet the employees at Wessels. Everyone was so friendly and supportive! When it was break time, people were sure to stop by and say ‘hi’ and give encouragement. I felt so welcome.”

Jim Fuller, president of Wessels Company, says he is pleased with how the mural turned out.

“It adds color and art to the neighborhood,” Fuller said. “It also conveys our pride in our products, our employees, and being part of the Greenwood community.”

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