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Mural Announcement Press Release

August 2020

Contact: Rebecca Bennett- Marketing Coordinator
[email protected]

For Immediate Release

New Mural Brings Outdoor Art to South Indiana

GREENWOOD, IND. — Wessels Company is announcing their partnership with local artist Macey Dickerson to create a brand-new large-scale mural at their headquarters in Greenwood, Indiana.

Dickerson was born and raised in Indianapolis and is a lifelong Hoosier. She is an alumni of Franklin College in Franklin, Indiana, where she studied painting. She has been painting and creating art since she was very young.

“I kind of don’t remember a time when I wasn’t painting,” Dickerson says. She works in a wide variety of mediums –clay, photography, digital art –but says she loves painting the most.
“I think the transformational effect of it is my favorite part. Especially with a mural,” she adds. “It just uplifts people and changes their attitude to be around art in a big way.”

Macey’s art has been all over Central Indiana, including the restaurant Chef Oya’s The Trap, as well as work for an interior design company and other temporary installments. “It creates this whole other world and atmosphere which I really, really love,” she said.

Dickerson has been commissioned to paint a large outdoor mural on the 108 by 20 foot exterior wall of Wessels Company’s main office and manufacturing facility. The art will face North Meridian street and will feature abstract shapes and water motifs suggestive of products manufactured by the company.

Wessels is currently collaborating with Macey to design the perfect mural to show the community what the company is all about.

“As a leading manufacturer of industrial water equipment, it’s sometimes hard to appreciate the beauty of such a practical line of business,” Wessels Marketing Manager Jay Fuller-Ng said. “I’m glad this project will give us an opportunity to add art to the community that celebrates what we do.”

Work on the mural will begin in mid-August and the finished art is expected to be unveiled in September of 2020.

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