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TTA-Rx Antimicrobial Press Release

June, 2020

Contact: Jay Fuller- Marketing Director
[email protected]

For Immediate Release

TTA-Rx: Looking Forward to a Healthier Future

GREENWOOD, IND.- Wessels Company, headquartered near Indianapolis, is introducing a new Full Flow fixed-diaphragm domestic hot water expansion tank with a special flow-through internal coated in antimicrobial silver. The tank is called TTA-Rx and is available to specify now.

Expansion tanks have been established as a place where pathogens like Legionella can flourish. The new TTA-Rx Full Flow tank features a perforated internal that disrupts stagnant water with a flow-through design. In addition, silver plating or other antimicrobial coatings are applied to the internal to create a surface that can destroy harmful microbes through contact. Unlike normal rubber, the heavy-duty butyl bladder also does not support the build-up of nutrients key to forming biofilms.

The TTA-Rx is compatible with Wessels Smart Bracket system, which includes the WessView® bladder monitor and pressure gauge and comes standard on the vessel.

Wessels Company’s new smart bracket system can be easily retrofitted to include WessGuard® bladder monitors capable of being connected to an Energy Management System (EMS). To learn more about Wessels Company’s new Full-Flow Antimicrobial fixed-bladder expansion tanks, and the WessView® or WessGuard® bladder monitors, visit or contact a Wessels sales representative.

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