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New! WVA-MAX Air & Dirt Separator

Maximum Performance, Maximum Value

Wessels has launched the new WVA-MAX Air & Dirt Separator with patented coalescing media. Air & dirt separators eliminate entrained air and separate debris associated with start-up and maintenance of any hydronic system. Extend the life of your HVAC system by improving heat transfer, saving energy, reducing pump cycles, and protecting components with the new WVA-MAX for maximum protection backed by 5 year warranty.
U.S. Patent No. 10,708,538

WVA-MAX Complete Package Includes:

  • Increased flow rate performance
  • Patented removable coalescing media
  • ASME certification
  • WesMag® Magnetic filtration
  • Extended 5 year warranty

Visit the WVA Product page to learn more about Wessels Air & Dirt Separators, high velocity, Air only and Dirt only separators, as well as the industry leading integration of WesMag® Magnetic Filtration for removal of ferrous particulate.
WVA Air & Dirt Separator Product Resources

Lead Times (est.)

  • 2 Weeks: WVA-2-MAX thru WVA-6-MAX
  • 3 Weeks: WVA-8-MAX thru WVA-12-MAX
  • 4 Weeks: WVA-14-MAX thru WVA-36-MAX (Consult Factory)
Download WVA-MAX Submittal