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Mural Announcement Press Release

Mural Announcement Press Release

August 2020

Contact: Rebecca Bennett- Marketing Coordinator
[email protected]

For Immediate Release

New Mural Brings Outdoor Art to South Indiana

GREENWOOD, IND. — Wessels Company is announcing their partnership with local artist Macey Dickerson to create a brand-new large-scale mural at their headquarters in Greenwood, Indiana.

Dickerson was born and raised in Indianapolis and is a lifelong Hoosier. She is an alumni of Franklin College in Franklin, Indiana, where she studied painting. She has been painting and creating art since she was very young.

“I kind of don’t remember a time when I wasn’t painting,” Dickerson says. She works in a wide variety of mediums –clay, photography, digital art –but says she loves painting the most.
“I think the transformational effect of it is my favorite part. Especially with a mural,” she adds. “It just uplifts people and changes their attitude to be around art in a big way.”

Macey’s art has been all over Central Indiana, including the restaurant Chef Oya’s The Trap, as well as work for an interior design company and other temporary installments. “It creates this whole other world and atmosphere which I really, really love,” she said.

Dickerson has been commissioned to paint a large outdoor mural on the 108 by 20 foot exterior wall of Wessels Company’s main office and manufacturing facility. The art will face North Meridian street and will feature abstract shapes and water motifs suggestive of products manufactured by the company.

Wessels is currently collaborating with Macey to design the perfect mural to show the community what the company is all about.

“As a leading manufacturer of industrial water equipment, it’s sometimes hard to appreciate the beauty of such a practical line of business,” Wessels Marketing Manager Jay Fuller-Ng said. “I’m glad this project will give us an opportunity to add art to the community that celebrates what we do.”

Work on the mural will begin in mid-August and the finished art is expected to be unveiled in September of 2020.

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January Employee Spotlight

January Employee Spotlight

Julie Storey is a Wessels Company Office Assistant who worked as a temporary employee for over a year and then was hired on as a full-time employee about 9 months ago. She enjoys reading, researching and looking into her family ancestry and genealogy. Julie enjoys playing tennis and rooting for Notre Dame during football season. She attended both Indiana State University and graduated from Ball State University with a degree in Social Work.


Julie fast facts:

Favorite color:  blue

Favorite food: anything Italian

Likes: genealogy, reading and playing tennis, loves jazz music

Hidden talent: she plays the recorder

December Employee Spotlight

December Employee Spotlight

Aidan Baird is a new member of the Wessels Company team. He has been a Product Design Engineer in our Engineering Department for nearly five months.  Aidan likes to play video games, board games and spend time with friends.  He loves dogs and adopted a 2-year-old Blue Heeler named Fitz, a few months ago.  Aidan grew up in Northern Virginia but attended Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana.


Aidan fast facts:                                                                                          

Favorite color:  blue

Favorite food: pizza

Likes: dogs, playing board and video games

Interesting fact: enjoys doing Martial Arts

November Employee Spotlight

November Employee Spotlight

Aaron Johannigman has been part of the Wessels Company’s family for over 12 years. Aaron is the Director of Engineering at our headquarters office in Greenwood.  He enjoys spending time with his family and playing games in his spare time.  He graduated from Purdue University and roots for their sports teams.  But he also cheers on the Indianapolis Colts during football season and the Cincinnati Red during baseball season.


Aaron fast facts:                               

Favorite color:  blue

Favorite food: pizza

Likes: spending time with family, playing games

Interesting fact: 2nd degree black belt in Taekwondo

How To: Size Expansion Tanks Using Wessels Free Tank Calculator

How To: Size Expansion Tanks Using Wessels Free Tank Calculator

Wessels Company is proud to offer a free web and phone app (iOS and android) for sizing and converting a selection of our tank products online or on your phone.

In our easy-to-use app guide, you will find a quick reference page explaining the icons. Here are the icons most commonly found on the app:


The calculator allows you to select the type of tank you wish to size: HVAC expansion, domestic hot water, well & pressure booster, and buffer. You can also use the app to convert a compression style expansion tank to a removable bladder or fixed-diaphragm design. To learn more about each category of product, simply click or tap the (?) help buttons next to each product.

On each tank page, you will see a series of entry fields and drop down menus that will need to be filled out to determine the tank size you need for the job.


For HVAC expansion tanks, the first field you will need to answer is System Volume in gallons. If you don’t know your system’s volume, you can click the System Volume Estimator to get an idea.

You will also need to know the fluid type used within the system and the operating temperature range.  Finally, you will need the initial and final pressure, which both have estimators that can help determine an approximate value.

When you are ready to size your tank, click “Calculate” and you will be taken to the calculated critical sizing page.  Here you will be given a “Required Tank Volume” and product suggestions based on that calculation.


Once you’ve selected a product, the final page of the app will display the product submittal, installation & operation manual, and brochure.  If you decide to request a quote to purchase the product, you can click “Request Quote” and the app will auto-generate an email with your calculations that you can then send to the Wessels quotation department.

Wessels makes it easy to determine which product is best suited for your job, which volume is needed, and the details of the product.  Remember, if you are unsure about your selection, Wessels Company’s friendly customer service is available to help ensure you make the right selection. Send us an email at [email protected], give us a call at 317-888-9800 or live chat with us right on our website by clicking the floating “Start Chat” window.

You can find the Wessels tank sizing app online at or you can download it to your iOS or Android phone by searching your app store for “Wessels Company”.

October Employee Spotlight

October Employee Spotlight

Jay Fuller has been a consistently smiling face in the Wessels Company’s Marketing Department for the last 6 years. He has been the marketing manager for the last three years and his favorite part of his job is using new technologies to teach customers about Wessels products.  Jay graduated from Boston University.  In his free time, he can be found writing for an award-winning graphic novel series called The Cardboard Kingdom. He also enjoys writing, reading and gaming as well as virtual reality and graphic novels.

Jay fast facts:

Favorite color: Blue

Likes: virtual reality, video games and graphic novels

Favorite food: Impossible Burgers

Dislikes: bigotry and xenophobia

Hobbies: writing graphic novels

Nickname: Jay (full name is James)

Hidden talents: plays the piano and ukulele

September Employee Spotlight

September Employee Spotlight

Megan McDaniel is one of the smiling faces in Wessels Company’s filtration department.  Megan has been with Wessels for about 9 years and has been our filtration purchasing manager for 4 years. She attended University of Southern Indiana and she has two children, both of whom have red hair and blue eyes.  When she’s not in the office, she enjoys watching movies, listening to music and competing at trivia night.  An interesting fact about Megan is that she writes, eats, and brushes her teeth left handed, but plays all sports with her right hand.  During football season, she roots for the Indianapolis Colts and the Chicago Bears.

Megan’s fast facts:

Favorite Color: Purple
Favorite Food: Mexican
Hobbies: Playing outside with her kids and trivia night
Nickname: Megmo Jackson

Megan McDaniel
Filtration Purchasing Manager
e-mail: [email protected]
phone: 317-888-9800 ext. 1031
cell: 317-443-4154