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Wessels Launches “Next-Level” Intelligent Expansion Tank Bladder

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GREENWOOD, IND. – Wessels Company, a leading manufacturer of pressure vessels and specialty hydronic equipment, is bringing innovative design improvements to its popular line of expansion tanks.

WessView®, a proprietary bladder integrity monitor “bullseye” that turns red when it comes in contact with water, is now standard on all Wessels expansion tanks. The monitor allows operating engineers and service technicians to quickly and easily determine if water has breached the internal bladder.

Wessels HVAC expansion tanks also include a new, integrated pressure gauge. Users will now be able to immediately read a positive indication of pressure charge on a gauge that comes standard on every unit. Connected to the bladder water side, there will be two openings on top of the flange. One opening can be used as a standard connection to the piping system, and the other can be used as a water evacuation point. Since the bladder is pre-charged, the air cushion in the tank will “squeeze” the water out. The user can isolate the tank from the system, evacuate the water from the tank and then check the tank pre-charge pressure on the gauge.

The new design also includes a coupling on the tank, air side, to allow easy installation of the company’s patented WessGuard® smart-tank monitor. The WessGuard® monitor includes a bladder proximity sensor and audible alarm that can be paired with a cellular unit that sends text alerts to your phone. The monitor is also compatible with energy management systems.

The new Wessels expansion tank is currently shipping. To learn more details on the next level intelligent expansion tank, click here.