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How To: Quickly Adjust Vessel Pre-charge Pressure

The proper way of setting the pre-charge air pressure for a tank in operation is to isolate the tank from the system, drain off all expanded fluid, and measure the air pressure in the tank. The pre-charge air pressure can then be reset to its optimal setting. Depending on the tank size, this process can […]

How To: Select Nitrogen Cylinders to Pre-Charge a Bladder Tank

At times, an expansion tank pre-charge must be increased using compressed air. Wessels recommends dry, oil-free air like the compressed air used in our factory, which is taken to below -50°F and processed through a dryer. Another option is to use compressed nitrogen because it is an inert gas that avoids oxidation and moisture content […]

How To: Size an Expansion Tank

  There are six critical inputs needed to size any expansion tank: 1. Amount of fluid to be heated 2. The type of fluid being heated 3. The starting temperature of the fluid 4. The ending temperature of the fluid 5. The minimum or starting pressure of the fluid 6. The maximum or ending pressure […]

How To: Troubleshoot the WessView Bladder Integrity Monitor

The WessViewTM bladder integrity monitor from Wessels Company is a quick, at-a-glance indicator letting you know if water has breached your tank’s internal bladder or diaphragm. The design uses a desiccant that sits on top of a red disk. If the desiccant touches water and dissolves, the bright red disk will start to show. If […]

How To: Check and Repair Leaks at the Bottom System Connection of an Expansion Tank

Expansion tanks sometimes develop air, liquid, or weeping water leaks at the bottom system connection (BSC). The BSC is a bulkhead fitting the goes through the tank bladder and compresses the bladder to the bottom tank head with the tightening of a jam or lock nut. The locknut is the sealing force between the tank […]

How To: Punch an Expansion Tank Bladder Hole

Wessels Company offers replacement bladders for our line of removable bladder expansion tanks. The butyl bladders come with a standard hole in the bottom of the bladder, but sometimes a larger-sized hole is recommended for optimal installation. Wessels manually punches bladder holes to the correct size. However, if a bladder you receive needs modification, you […]

Downloading Drawings: BIM vs CAD

Wessels Company makes it easy to download a huge catalog of BIM and CAD files, which can be imported into software to generate product drawings and 3D models, but what’s the difference between Revit (.RFA), .STEP and .SAT files? In the case of Revit, .RFA’s are Building Information Models (BIM) specifically compatible with Autodesk’s Revit […]

October Employee Spotlight

Jay Fuller has been a consistently smiling face in the Wessels Company’s Marketing Department for the last 6 years. He has been the marketing manager for the last three years and his favorite part of his job is using new technologies to teach customers about Wessels products.  Jay graduated from Boston University.  In his free […]